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My Path to Gerontology

by Jacqueline Campbell

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Back in Montreal
Father was very upset at this move to my brother's home in Montreal, but the interesting fact of this story is that my father managed to live fairly independently for six years after leaving my house. Unable to live by his sonís rules, he soon left his house for a rented room in an apartment conveniently located just up the street from the Legion Hall.

He was not exactly living alone during this time as he rented a room in an apartment of an elderly woman who made him tea and breakfast every day, but he was very much master of his own destiny. He did not have to comply with a caring daughterís wish to curtail his more destructive tendencies!

There he continued to live quite nicely until he fell and fractured his hip on his way home from the Legion one evening six years later. He died at the age of 87 in hospital following surgery for his fractured hip.

What was learned
Patience and tolerance are supreme qualities when working with many frail elderly people, and in spite of myself I seem to have developed them to a degree. This is the lesson I learned from my father, and have been able to put to good use since. As I was finishing my graduate degree, a friend recommended me for the position of Staff Educator in a long term care facility organization.

This certainly represented a change from the career path I had envisioned. Never mind that I was not a nurse and up to the time of the interview had never been inside a nursing home. The position offered a challenge that I welcomed.

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