Campbell Eldercare Consulting
Specializing in Eldercare Issues

Jacqueline Campbell provides consultation services for aging parents and chronically ill loved ones


Our clients and their families appreciate that we always put the client's needs first, as advisors, advocates, and as friends.

The people quoted below have also kindly consented to share their contact information upon request. If you'd like to speak to any of them, call us and we'll be glad to help you get in touch.

"Thanks again for all your assistance during the final hours of my mumís life. Now that I have had a few weeks for this all to settle, I am even more grateful for your compassion and professionalism at that stressful time"

Peter Fleming

"You have been a real support...You were very kind, compassionate and respectful of Elizabeth and helpful of coordinating the increasing care she needed. It kept her feeling that she had some independence as she became more frail."

Margaret Hathaway

"I found Ms. Campbell a pleasure to work with, efficient, professional and, most importantly, very sensitive to my father's special needs and fragile condition."

Stephen Smith, LLB

"Ms. Campbell's skills and experience as an objective geriatric care manager were invaluable. My father, and our family, wonderfully appreciated her warm, caring, cheerful manner."

Lee Hay-Roe

"In speaking with Ms. Campbell, I was struck by the depth of her knowledge and her understanding of older people — both their capabilities and their needs. Her questions got to the root of the challenges we were facing, and her calm, practical approach helped me to see what the next steps might be, and how best to accomplish them."

Sarah Hall

"She is compassionate and takes a tremendous amount of interest in her clients' lives, always striving to understand them and make their lives comfortable to the fullest.

"In her capacity as a professional health care consultant, she has successfully demonstrated her high quality assessment skills with seniors in need."

Kay Sane, Care 2000 Health Services

"You are a professional in your field. It gave me a lot of comfort that someone who cared was in Toronto can could oversee things. Your dedication was always appreciated."

Michael Stuart

"Campbell Consulting finds the right answers at the right time. I wish that I had known her when my parents were in need."

Mary Stockdale Vernon, MSW, RSW

"We found a real godsend in Campbell Consulting."

Robert E. Milnes


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