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Can Campbell Eldercare Consulting Help You?

How can we help you? Our eldercare consulting services are for anyone who wants to ensure the best care for their parents, grandparents, or other elderly relatives, but is limited by distance, expertise, or the demands of a hectic schedule.

Our clients' caregivers often fall into one of the following categories.

The Sandwich Generation – Caring for aged parents

The responsibilities of choosing a nursing home, deciding on services, and keeping tabs on her mother's medical care fell to Susan. She didn't know where to begin.       More...> >

Caring at a Distance – When you can't be there

How could Jonathan monitor Carl's care and ensure his comfort and health from three provinces away?       More...> >

Families in Conflict – Mediation, information and support

As Molly tried to help her mother Emily regain some independence following her poor recovery from a fall, family discord was making a difficult situation even more trying.       More...> >

Powers of Attorney for Geriatric or Chronically Ill Clients

As Power of Attorney for an aging client, Bill struggled to make healthcare decisions in a field that really wasn't his area of expertise.       More...> >

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